• hunting rangefinder accessories
  • hunting rangefinder accessories
  • hunting rangefinder accessories
  • hunting rangefinder accessories

hunting rangefinder accessories

Hunting rangefinder accessories, LE032 is the best mate of riflescope, Color OLED display, featuring 60 Seconds continuous scan in line of sight distance mode and slope compensated horizontal distance mode, fast response, accuracy +/- 1 yard/meter

LE032 hunting rangefinder accessorises with mini size, you can mount it on your left side, right side, or top of riflescope to release your hand and focus on your shooting.
Its mount comes with windage & elevation adjustment, OLED visible at night, so you can carry this mini rangefinder at day&night hunting. Its housing is shock resistant, can hold 800G shockness.
To save battery power, automatic shut off time is 30 minutes without operation, and you can also turned off by holding power on button for 5 seconds.

The all-electronic readout is also bright and readable if you’re switching between it and the actual scope (if you’re using a gun or crossbow). If you’re using any type of bow, you may have to angle you’re head a bit but not by much.

hunting rangefinder acccessories

Products Name LE-032 Rangefinder   
Model LE-032
Range 5-700m
Accuracy ±1m/yard
Display Illuminant OLED Screen
Unit of Measure Yard/Meter
Wavelength 905nm
Laser Class Class 1
Weight 220g (include battery)
Water-resistant IPx4
Speed Range 0-300km/h
Battery CR2,3V*1
LE-032 compact 700m laser rangefinder is all metal shell recoil-resistant,with OLED screen,display visible day & night The base can be used to adjust laser up & down, left & right as need.
1. Continues Ranging
2. Fog
3. Horizontal distance+angle
4. Fog+Horizontal distance
5. Speed
Extra 650nm visible red laser for alignment setting as needed.

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