• laser distance meter golf
  • laser distance meter golf
  • laser distance meter golf
  • laser distance meter golf

laser distance meter golf

Vivid Display Technology: This technology ensures that you can still be able to see the readings under any lighting conditions. Even if the day is very gloomy or there is not enough light you will still be able to see the measurements clearly. Which can solve the problem of unable to recognize reading from rangefinder in dark circumstance. 

The LaserWorks rangefinder is a portable optoelectronic device combined a laser rangefinder, angle finder and telescope.  
1. It could measure the distances and angles between you and the objects. After a very short time transparent LCD will show the high accuracy distance, angle and height data. 

2. It's portable design so it can carry very easily. Used one piece of CR2-3V battery which is very easy to buy and change. 20 secondsauto-off function can save the power and let the battery life longer than before. 

3. The low power measure radio wave it used is harmless. It will not harm users eyes and the measure target. laser distance meter golf

range finder for hunting
The inner display can be in red or black LCD.

Golf distance correction
Horizontal distance measure
Vertical height

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