• laser golf distance finder
  • laser golf distance finder
  • laser golf distance finder
  • laser golf distance finder

laser golf distance finder

PRO X7 is really nicely made and has a high quality feel to it. It’s clean simple design will suit many golfers. It's very easy to use. Simply point and press the power button to the flag. The PRO X7 is a very compact and lightweight rangefinder. It has a great yardage range right up to 650 yards with 1 yard accuracy. It has quick readings, long range yardages and a slope feature. Which is amazing. You also have the option to use yards or meters. LaserWorks also upgraded their pin seeker technology. It works much faster and is more accurate. It works like other rangefinders scan mode by overlapping subjects like hazards and trees and locating the flag stick.

laser golf distance finder PRO X7 With quick, accurate readings and and having the added slope feature you really are getting one of the best slope rangefinders available and at an amazing price.
Great Size and Weight
Slope can be turned on and off making it tournament legal.
Pin seeking technology
JOLT technology
6x Magnification – brings the target in closer.

Wireless charging technology: Connect USB to the charging base, it will be full about 3 hours. Very convenient,no need to change the battery any more.
PRO X7 rangefinder is in a compact size: 106*73*35mm, weight only 146g. Durable ,rainproof and dust proof body.
No more doubt of distance. Our rangefinder provides true measurement with accuracy of +/-1 yard. Maximum range option: 600m, 1000m 1500m.

laser golf range finder jolt and slope
Ranging, Scan, Flagpole/pin lock, Slope ( Get the slope and the adjusted distance. ), Vertical height measurements, Horizontal distance measurements, Fog, Speed km/h

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