• laser range finder bushnell
  • laser range finder bushnell
  • laser range finder bushnell
  • laser range finder bushnell

laser range finder bushnell

Laserworks laser range finder bushnell is beat down, comes with bow mode slope measurement, resolution +/-1 meters, high accurate feature comparable to bushnell's device, good value for money, take you the best experience on rangefinder product.

6x21​mm laser rangefinder (abbreviatedto rangefinder) combines the functions of ordinary telescope and laser rangefinder. While observing objects, it can measure the distance of objects within a certain distance range, and has a fast ranging time,intuitive display distance, power saving, and automatic power off when not in use.
Optics system:6 X 21mm ,multi-coated lens, ultra clear viewing, diopter adjustable ,totally one-key to measure, one-key to switch mode, auto power-off in 15 seconds inactivity. Range measure accuracy is ±1yard.
Meter & Yard unit can be changed.
laser range finder bushnell

Model LW-001 Wavelength 905nm
Objective lens 21mm Resolution +/-1m
Magnification 6X OEM/ODM Acceptable
Measurement range 5-600m,5-1000m, 5-1500m Laser Class Class 1 Laser
Battery 3V CR2 Certification CE,FDA,FCC,EN60825
Modes Flag Lock Warranty 12 Months
Standard Ranging Unit Meter / Yard
Scan Weight 152g
Fog Mode Field of View 7.2 °
Color Black, Camo, OEM colors available.
PRO Version  
1.Ranging ( Scan )
2.Nearest Target Lock
3.Slope Compensated Distance (Golf)  
5.Horizontal Distance + Angle 
6.Vertical Height Measurement 

SPI Version
1. Ranging ( Scan )  
2. Nearest Target Lock 
3. Golf Distance Correction 
4. Fog
5. Speed

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