• laser range finders golf
  • laser range finders golf
  • laser range finders golf
  • laser range finders golf

laser range finders golf

LaserWorks released a laser range finders golf, which is in a very compact dimension, aluminum housing which is available to make lots of different colors as your requirements. Support small quantity for customization with laser engraved logo. 800PRO is a very professional golf range finder, with Pinseeker, Slope and Jolt.

Black display rangefinders use the traditional LCD screen, our LaserWorks red display rangefinders use an upgrade LCD screen The screen is highly effective in getting the readings even in low light conditions. Most users of the rangefinders apply them, in limited light conditions. They find the red display very reliable.
Red display range finders are clear in low light conditions. If you are looking for a rangefinder which you are going to apply in a low light environment, then you have no option rather than buying a red display rangefinder. It makes it easy for you to locate objects even in the low light. Its clarity is impressive.

Operates smoothly in all weather conditions
Delivers optimal outcomes in moments of low illumination
Can capture shots from as far as 800 yards away
Handles all seasons and terrains with absolute reliability

laser range finders golf
The inner display can be in red or black LCD.

Golf distance correction
Horizontal distance measure
Vertical height

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