• mini laser rangefinder
  • mini laser rangefinder
  • mini laser rangefinder
  • mini laser rangefinder

mini laser rangefinder

LaserWorks Laser Rangefinder is a professional product designed specifically for golf enthusiasts and golfers. High performance chips and powerful algorithms make the measurement accuracy of this laser range finder more accurate, and promote your excellent performance on the golf course. 

LW series laser rangefinders are portable long distance measurement tools. They are ergonomically designed with high accuracy for a wide range of applications from leisure to professional including hunting, sailing, large scale hauling, large area surveying, and more. Its built-in rechargeable Lithium battery ensures long operation runtime. The 7x optical zoom design can measure distance, angle, and calculate Pythagorean relationships.
1. Measures distance and angle
2. Silent operation and auto power off
3. Pulse laser, low transmitting power, harmless to eyes
4. Built-in Li-ion battery, long standby and operation time
5. Compact, portable and ergonomic design
6. Adjustable focus
mini laser rangefinder

Model LW-001 Wavelength 905nm
Objective lens 21mm Resolution +/-1m
Magnification 6X OEM/ODM Acceptable
Measurement range 5-600m,5-1000m, 5-1500m Laser Class Class 1 Laser
Battery 3V CR2 Certification CE,FDA,FCC,EN60825
Modes Flag Lock Warranty 12 Months
Standard Ranging Unit Meter / Yard
Scan Weight 152g
Fog Mode Field of View 7.2 °
Color Black, Camo, OEM colors available.
PRO Version  
1.Ranging ( Scan )
2.Nearest Target Lock
3.Slope Compensated Distance (Golf)  
5.Horizontal Distance + Angle 
6.Vertical Height Measurement 

SPI Version
1. Ranging ( Scan )  
2. Nearest Target Lock 
3. Golf Distance Correction 
4. Fog
5. Speed

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