• range finder golf reviews
  • range finder golf reviews
  • range finder golf reviews
  • range finder golf reviews
  • range finder golf reviews

range finder golf reviews

Slope has become one of the most in demand features over the last two years with rangefinders. It also become a lot more affordable with many budget rangefinders now having a slope feature.A slope edition rangefinder gives you the distance to the flagstick, and the degree of elevation to the target. The change in elevation (Slope) will give you a ‘Play like’ yardage, so you can calculate the right club for the shot based on the yardage and slope.

range finder golf reviews is a best value golf rangefinder and can be stylish addition to every golfer's arsenal. It is good at to measuring distance pretty quickly as well with the latest laser technology. It comes with features such as Scan golf mode, Flag-lock technology and Slope measurement.

Pinseeker with JOLT:A vibration gives the user feedback (jolt) when the rangefinder picks up the flag. This helps when you’re shooting to a flag situated in front of trees or shrubs so you don’t end up choosing the wrong club.
Slope compensation technology:The unit takes the incline/decline of the hole into consideration and adjusts the reading. Without the adjustments you’d come up short on uphill shots and short on downhill.
Slope On/Off technology allows you to toggle slope on and off to make sure you’re staying legal. USGA rule changes now allow rangefinders in competition (subject to local officials), but use of slope adjustments is not allowed.
Golf Rangefinder With Slope

Model No. LW-G600        
Dimension 106*35*73mm
Weight 152g
Objective lens(adjustable) 21mm
Exit pupil distance 16mm
Magnification 6X
Field of view 7.2°
Measurement range 4-600m
Precision ±1M
Display Inner-vision-field LCD Display,and extenal 1.7" lcd screen
Battery CR2*1, 3V
Laser Class Class 1 EN 60825, Eye safe
Certification CE,FCC,ROHS,FDA,EN60825
Water-resistant IPX 4
Warranty 12 Months
2.Golf Pin Seeker ( Advanced PinSensor Technology for measuring overlapping subjects )
3.Golf Distance Correction ( PinSeeker Slope Mode ( Recommended Distance RD) adjusts for changes in elevation. The distance is adjusted based on the angle of the slope.)
Vibrating PinSeeker confirmation: A single vibrating pulse gives tactile feedback that the rangefinder has locked on to the target.

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