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  • range finders review
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range finders review

range finders review, LRNV009 rangefinder laserworks manufacture, it is not only a range finder, but also a digital night vision, both working at day and night, range 500m, night vision 200m
optical amplification system is 6x32, suitable for viewing wildlife at night, fishing & hunting usage.
It is perfect for camping, caving, wildlife observation, surveillance.

wholesale night vision accessories supplier, Multifunctional Laser ranging night vision hunting 200m with distance measurement 500m, optical amplification system is 6x32, both for day and night hunting
6x optical magnification plus 4x digital magnification help you see everything clearly at night.
For easy to use in dark environments, and to prevent disclosure, the backlight will be turned on when the product facing downward>45° and press any key.
Distance unit could be M or Yard, easy to convert.
OSD color could be yellow, green, red, blue, white, black.
It has multiple of modes that you can use the corresponding function according to different scenarios.

  • Distance: 4 to500m distance performance, furthermore 1600 yards for highly reflective target.
  • Speed: Easy to measure speed winthin 300KM/H.
  • Flagpole Locking: Lightning separate the flagpole or other targets from busy littery background.
  • Fog Mode: Do not worry the fog, the Fog Mode makes your hunting or golf without a hitch.
  • Vertical Height Measure and Horizontal Distance Measure: This two modes not only display the vertical height and horizontal distance, but also the gradient between the top and bottom, it is powerful beyond imagination.
  • Infrared Auxiliary Lighting: It has 3 classes and press IR to adjust.
  • The Key Auxiliary Lighting: Do not worry that inable to see the key in darkness again.
Model: Night Vision
Lens Dia: 32mm
Magnification: 6X
Battery: AA*4(Not included)
Dimension: 15.7*9.6*4.8cm
Pitch angle: +/-20?
Digital magnification: 4X
Laser rangefinder: 500m(Max Range)
Night vision: 200m(Max Range)
Pressure measurement: 300-1100hPa

Package Contents:
1*Night Vision Monocular
1*Carrying case
1*Lens cloth
1*User manual

Class I laser product,Maximum average radiant power:70.1μW, no harm for human health.
range finders review

Night Vision Range Finder

Content Specs.
Laser rangefinder  500m (max range)  
Night vision 200m(max range)
Digital compass resolution 1°      
Pitch angle  +/- 20°
Pressure measurement 300-1100hPa  
Magnification 6X
Digital magnification  4X
Lens Dia. 32mm
Battery      AA x 4 
Battery life 2 hours
 Weight 398g
Dimensions 175(L)*100(W)*51(H)mm
Meter/Yard display Yes

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