• rangefinder distance
  • rangefinder distance
  • rangefinder distance

rangefinder distance

laserworks rangefinder distance finder LW1016, range 1000meter, 400meters to golf flag, high accuracy reliable performance, PRO function Normal ranging, pinseeking, golf slope, jolt function help you golf game to higher level

Laser Rangefinders are handy gadgets for golfers, hunters, and outdoorer alike. Compact, light-weight, and streamlined, the RF02N series rangefinders tell you the distance to your goal and the angles and height of a tree of cliff, etc. The optional Flag-Tip function will let golf players find the distance to the flag very conveniently. 
Power/measure button and Mode button located differently, no mistake of pressing wrong button any more. Fully multicoated optics effectively reduces reflected light and increases the transmission of tight giving you a brighter clear image; diopter adjustable for precise focus on display.
Class 1 laser 905nm, 12 months LaserWorks quality warranty
rangefinder distance

Hunting Rangefinder

1. ergonomic design for easy holding
2. durable rubber body, no scratch
3. coated multi-layered lens for better light transmission
4. class 1 laser eyesafe, 3 lens optics system
5. continuous scan, slope, HD measure, height for hunting, golf pinseeker & slope compensation
6. low power consumpiton, 1 pcs CR2 battery 6000 times measure & low battery indicator and auto time out for enhanced battery life
7. battery UN38.3 & MSDS report available
8. severe quality control & 12 months warranty control

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