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rangefinder technology

best rangefinder technology manufacturer, LaserWorks laser distance measure sensor offers you target distance from your thermal scope, drone, nigiht vision and so on device, build-in rangefinder
All of our laser rangefinders are robust and designed to save energy. They deliver precise measured data at long distances, even in harsh conditions and extreme temperatures. The results are delivered to you in a quick and reliable process, allowing you to adapt quickly to specific situations and threats. This, in turn, saves you valuable time and enables you to increase the security of your forces. You can rely on the know-how and high levels of technical expertise that our engineers have acquired over more than 15 years developing optics, electronics and mechanical systems. It is this expertise that allows us to offer you technologically sophisticated, modern rangefinders that are in successful use in many customer systems and various applications around the world.

LRF Module rangefinder technology
Unique range of products: LaserWorks offers you measuring devices that cover everything from use in handheld devices through to mobile and stationary systems.
Fast and precise: The laser rangefinders quickly deliver reliable and accurate measuring results.
Easy to integrate: Thanks to their compact construction and standard interfaces, you can easily integrate the laser rangefinders into your existing devices and systems.
Manufacturers of sensor platforms and hunting optronics: Sensor systems for aircraft and drones, remote-controlled defense systems, fire-control-systems, military ground vehicles, and ships.
Manufacturers of sights: Laser rangefinders to supplement or upgrade telescopic sights and weapon-mounted systems.
Manufacturers of observation devices: Integration into handheld observation systems.

Laser Rangefinder Module

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