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ranging range finders

wholesale ranging range finders supplier laserworks, amazon best selling model LE032 is very compact with recoil resistant aluminum body, long range 700meter, with top red laser 650nm, bow mode for measuring hotizontal distance

Distance and Angle Mode:
Using mode button to select Distance and Angle Mode, aim at the target by mechanical crosshairs, press measurement button or earphone answer button to start measurement. In this mode, voice reading function is activated.
Scan Mode:
In this mode, it measures distance and angle continuously.
Foggy Day Mode:
This mode eliminates the bad impact of fog on ranging.

Button directions:
1. Press power button: power on the device when press power button; press power button again or earphone answer button to start measurement
2. Press mode button: switch 4 modes
3. Hold power button: power off
4. Hold mode button: volume adjustment
5. Press power button and mode button together: switch measurement units
ranging range finders

Products Name LE-032 Rangefinder   
Model LE-032
Range 5-700m
Accuracy ±1m/yard
Display Illuminant OLED Screen
Unit of Measure Yard/Meter
Wavelength 905nm
Laser Class Class 1
Weight 220g (include battery)
Water-resistant IPx4
Speed Range 0-300km/h
Battery CR2,3V*1
LE-032 compact 700m laser rangefinder is all metal shell recoil-resistant,with OLED screen,display visible day & night The base can be used to adjust laser up & down, left & right as need.
1. Continues Ranging
2. Fog
3. Horizontal distance+angle
4. Fog+Horizontal distance
5. Speed
Extra 650nm visible red laser for alignment setting as needed.

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