• waterproof laser rangefinder
  • waterproof laser rangefinder
  • waterproof laser rangefinder

waterproof laser rangefinder

The small Rangefinder model in its compact monocular format rounds off your equipment perfectly. It only weights 155g, with the pocked size is an attraction point. It is an indispensable companion in golf course, in the open country or in an unfamiliar field. Laser rangefinder enables you to measure distances within a second. In distinctly less than half a second from releasing the power button you will see with reliability and precision the exact distance to your target. It is possible to measure distances of up to 800 metres.

The first target priority technology: enables you to distinguish the distance of the most frontest target from the chaotic background. This technoloy is especially designed for playing golf, it can accurately read the distance of golf flag from the backing mountain, tree or bushes.
Pinseeking technology: The inner software is very sensitive to pins, which is a great assitance when measuring the golf pin
Scan technology: enables you to see the continuous targets and check their distances
waterproof laser rangefinder

1. Ranging(Scan)
2. Pinseeker
3. Pinseeker+Slope
4. Fog Mode
5. Horizontal distance+angle
6. Vertical Height Measurement

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