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Specialized in OEM, ODM laser rangefinder, golf rangefinder, hunting rangefinder, night vision rangefinder,rangefinder modules, Laserworks was established in 2011,located in Guangdong,China. Production and working area: 2200㎡ in Dongguan and 700㎡ in Shenzhen city,

range finder rear scope add on

LW209 laser rangefinder is a new released rangefinder rear scope add on, which can attach to different scopes with the including adapters. With a measurement 1,600 meters to trees, which is also available for ballistic for optional. Easy programing & get the measurement back just in the scope's display.
Can easily adjust laser up &
 down, left & right for zeroing.

oem laser range finder Colors

The product has a 6X optical viewing system It’s easy for targeting, and it has four basic functions of range,Angle measurement. In addition, the product is with graceful appearance design which meets the
design concept of human engineering. It designed to satisfied waterproof class of IPX4 and omes with automatic shutdown function.

Laser Rangefinder Golf

New released S7 range finder, with max range of 800m & 1200m. The ergonomic design makes the rangefinder very comfortable to hold. Fast measure & stable performance make the S7 very reliable for golfer. Anti-fog function will enable user to get the distance through light fog or mist circumstance. Except standard golf pin seeker, slope compensation, we have added on height & level distance measure for users.

Golf Range Finder with External LCD Display

LaserWorks Premium Golf Laser Range Finder with aluminum housing, which is easy to make muti colors, makes OEM easier. Pinseeker with Vibration technology to eliminate any doubt that you have locked onto the flag. All of it is wrapped in rainproof metal housing to give the golfer the ultimate golf laser rangefinders.

Range Finder with Ballistics

Range Finder with Ballistics With long distance ranging capability, this rangefinder is accurate and versatile for various objects at short distance or long distances: Reflective: Up to 3500 meters, Tree: Up to 2200 meters, Deer: Up to 700 meters.
Our All Glass Optical System provides better light transmission vs. lesser quality plastic lens systems. 6 times magnification brings you up closer to your viewing target. Fully Multi-Coated optical system features an optical lens system with one or more anti-reflective coatings on each air to glass lens surface to ultimately increase resolution and overall light transmission. Rain Repellent Protective Coating protects lenses from dust, debris, moisture and scratches.

Bow sight rangefinder spotting scope rangefinder

LaserWorks bow sight is a hybrid sight with range finder all-in-one and durable aluminum CNC mount. It is equipped with horizontal & vertical sliding rail with markings.Windage & elevation can be minor adjusted with lock to secure,simple to operate.
The sight can not only aim target precisely but also measure distance to any target within 300 meters. The range distance and angle will be both displayed on the OLED screen (resolution 128*64).