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Specialized in OEM, ODM laser rangefinder, golf rangefinder, hunting rangefinder, night vision rangefinder,rangefinder modules, Laserworks was established in 2011,located in Guangdong,China. Production and working area: 2200㎡ in Dongguan and 700㎡ in Shenzhen city,

Scope Rangefinder

LaserWorks LE-032 scope mounted range finder is very compact with recoil resistant aluminum body. The color OLED display enables reading & usage day or night.
The mount's windage & elevation adjustable, easy to align with scope with minor adjustment. The mount can also be set to left/right/bottom of range finder for all the users without compromising ranging performance. Mount is compatible with 20mm or 21mm picatinny rail or weaver.

Scoped Mounted LE-032

LaserWorks LE-032 is a very compact size 700 meters waterproof hunting laser range finder Modes of Continues Ranging, Fog, Horizontal distance+angle, Fog+Horizontal distance, Speed which is a very good partner for hunters. 
1.Easy to mount on rifle scope and other products
2.The mate of riflescope, coordinate with the machine aiming point
3.Can be continuous distance measurement in foggy weather
4.Test the speed if the moving objects in the same direction

Laser Range Finder Golf

This all-in-one golf rangefinder helps you accurately measure distance, slope and speed, height, and horizontal distance with precision.Quick, Ultra-Fast Reading, Designed to give you an enhanced view up to 600 meters (656 yards), our golf laser range finders provide accuracy in seconds within 1 yard.

Golf Range Finder

Rangefinder With Slope, 2019 New Released Updated Laser Rangefinder +/-0.1m With the developing of the high resolution of the semiconductor devices, the technology of pulse laser rangefinder becoming more and more mature, and higher ranging resolution,which could reached +/-0.1m.

Hunting Rangefinder Camera

No more hassle of taking off eyeglasses and focus for rangefinders! Laser rangefinder with camera & recording enables customers to measure simply by looking at the screen and clicking the button,to share with friends.

Standard 600m Golf Rangefinder

Standard 600m Golf Rangefinder, with 4 Modes of: Strandard Ranging, Pin-Lock, Fog Mode, Speed. Continues Ranging only hold the Power On button. Easy to operate.Superb range & accuracy. Measures distance within 1 yard from 6-600+ yards.