• Range Finder with Ballistics
  • Range Finder with Ballistics
  • Range Finder with Ballistics

Range Finder with Ballistics

Range Finder with Ballistics With long distance ranging capability, this rangefinder is accurate and versatile for various objects at short distance or long distances: Reflective: Up to 3500 meters, Tree: Up to 2200 meters, Deer: Up to 700 meters.
Our All Glass Optical System provides better light transmission vs. lesser quality plastic lens systems. 6 times magnification brings you up closer to your viewing target. Fully Multi-Coated optical system features an optical lens system with one or more anti-reflective coatings on each air to glass lens surface to ultimately increase resolution and overall light transmission. Rain Repellent Protective Coating protects lenses from dust, debris, moisture and scratches.

Range Finder with Ballistics is optimized so that the value displayed will be the farthest distance value of a group of targets that are within your field of view. Ballistics Mode provides you the information needed to accurately make the shot; enhanced to match your ballistics information, this Mode will display hold over elevation and the necessary elevation adjustment in MOA or MIL.
905nm Class I Laser, Horizontal Range Target Style, +/- 1 Yard Accuracy and Degree

Range Finder with Ballistics

Our Rain Repellent Protective Coating is a superior lens coating that prevents the build up of moisture on the optical lens surface. Moisture will easily roll off the surface of the lens to ensure better visibility in the worst conditions. Incorporated within our unique lens coating is a protective scratch resistent coating for ultimate glass protection and durability.

The main technical index: Details:
Wavelength:  905nm 
Max Ranging Distance: 3500m
Ranging method Laser 905nm, Class 1
Ranging Error ±1M/Y
Ranging display LCD display
effective objective lens diameter 21mm
Magnification 6X
Field of view  7.2
Eyepiece Adjustable
Measuring height and Angle  ±89 °
Objective diameter 21mm
Outlet diameter 3.5mm
exit distance 12mm
Focus mode Eyepiece focusing
To Tree 2200 m
Lens coating multi-layer coating
Rainproof Yes
Min Ranging Distance 5m
Distance Resolution +/-1m
Power supply 3V 
Working Temperature:  -℃~+50℃
Dimensions 105mm*40mm*77mm
Weight 155g
Function 7 Mode: Ranging, Horizontal, Ballistic Mode

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