• Laser Rangefinder 1000m
  • Laser Rangefinder 1000m
  • Laser Rangefinder 1000m
  • Laser Rangefinder 1000m
  • Laser Rangefinder 1000m

Laser Rangefinder 1000m

LaserWorks 1000m rangefinder with different modes gives you amazing experience, perfect for golfing, hunting, racing, fishing, engineering survey and other outdoor activities.  With size of 106 x 35 x 73 mm and weight of 152g, compact and durable, will fit easily into a pocket or golf bag, allowing utmost mobility and portability for whenever you use it.

No more doubt of distance. Our rangefinder provides true measurement with accuracy of +/-1 yard. Maximum range option: 600m, 1000m 1500m.
High Measure Performance: 5-1000 yards performance, furthermore 1600 yards for highly reflective target. Powerful optical 6X magnification. Lightning fast measurement.
Excellent Quailty: Seal deal with a water and dust resistant, durable body, perfect for carrying while golfing or hunting, or for measuring and surveying.
So Simple Operation: Totally One-key to measure, One-key to switch mode. Auto power-off in 15 seconds inactivity.
Incredibly Compact: It is about the same size as a small candy bar, completely palm and pocket friendly.Class I laser product,Maximum average radiant power:70.1μW, no harm for human health.
Laser Rangefinder
Laser Rangefinder
PRO Version  
1.Ranging ( Scan )
2.Nearest Target Lock
3.Slope Compensated Distance (Golf)  
5.Horizontal Distance + Angle 
6.Vertical Height Measurement 

SPI Version
1. Ranging ( Scan )  
2. Nearest Target Lock 
3. Golf Distance Correction 
4. Fog
5. Speed

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