• Digital sight with rangefinder
  • Digital sight with rangefinder
  • Digital sight with rangefinder

Digital sight with rangefinder

This is a day vision/night vision LCD Sight with an integrated continuous rangefinder and HD video camera. This device will provide the shooter with precision rangefinder and pinpoint accuracy while recording the experience for reviewing in-the-field or thereafter, time and time again.
And it is compact, lightweight, and simple to use. It can fit and withstand recoil on any weapon that uses a Picatinny or Weaver-type mounting rail, including crossbows, shotguns, and rifles, both traditional, and assault type. Rechargeable integrated power supply permits hours of operation, and with the power supply, ten extra hours of use can be enjoyed.

Digital sight with rangefinder boasts such features as six independently  cross hair reticles for setting at any distance commensurate with the weapon of choice. The unit has a built-in inclinometer that determines one’s shooting angle and calculates the angle compensation into the rangefinder. The focus knob permits custom adjustment to the collimating lens according to one’s visual acuity. The screen can also be dimmed or brightened to address backlighting or an excessively lit environment.

With so many features, we saved the best for last. The LW517 has its own integrated WIFI processor that can be used in conjunction with the free Onlook Cam App, which can be downloaded from one’s IOS or Android store to a personal cellular device, such as a cell phone or smart pad. This function, coined “Companion-Sharing” permits sharing one’s field of view with a companion who may view live stream precisely the image viewed in the sight of the product. Furthermore, it can be recorded and saved on the devices app and sent to family and friends so others may experience the video as well.

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