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2022 rangefinder oem - Slope Swtich + Magnet mount, Red Ring +Jolt
Flag Acquisition with Pulse Vibration Technology: Flag Acquisition Technology makes it effortless to lock on to the flag (even for those with shaky hands). Flag Acquisition with Pulse Vibration Technology provides the golfer with a short vibrating burst to verify the laser has locked onto the flag verifying that you have the right distance. With Pulse Vibration technology all doubt will be eliminated.
Vibrate has been advanced with the all new Visual Vibrating. A red ring now flashes 
as vibrates to give the golfer even greater feedback and confidence to know you have locked onto the flag. 
Magnetic mount that allows you to easily mount the rangefinder right on the cart bar.

Rangefinder OEM - Slope Swtich + Magnet mount, Red Ring +Jolt
Premium laser rangefinder allowing range readings from 5–1,200 yards / 5– 1,128 meters. Fast acquisition and +/- 1 yard accuracy.
Slope On/Off: Improved golf club selection with adjusted yardages. Easily switch off the rangefinders slope mode by just toggle the button to make the Slope tournament legal.

Fast Focus System: Even with glasses on, you will not have any issues adjusting the focus to see the target clearly, simply turn the eye piece to focus on your target.

Vibrate has been advanced with the all new Visual Vibrating. A red ring now flashes 
as vibrates to give the golfer even greater feedback and confidence to know you have locked onto the flag. 

Structure   Electronics  
Dimension 104*78*43mm Display LCD w/illuminated vibrating indicator ring
Weight 179g Power Source 3V CR2
Waterproof Rainproof Vibration Yes
Optics   Slope On/Off Yes
Magnification 6X Glass Coatings  
Objectives Lens Diameter 21mm Coatings Multi-Coated
Exit Pupil 4mm    
Extra Long Eye Relief 16mm Magnet Yes
Range 5-1,200 Yards    
Ranging Accuracy +/-1 Yard To Golf Flag 400 Yards
Field Of View 7.2° Warranty 1 Year
1.Pin Lock - Highly Recommended
2.Slope: Golf Distance Correction
Slope Switch - Slope/Non-Slope Switch
Slide the Slope On/off switch to toggle between Slope and Non-Slope.
This allows the golfer to conveniently utilize Slope to get compensated distances around the course when they want it and have a USGA conforming device that is legal for tournament play when they need it.

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